Howdy!   Pull up a chair and sit with me for a spell.

I have been trying to get this site live and working for more than a few years. Other projects always seemed to get in the way of that goal.

I would like to tell you what this site is about, but I don't really know yet. I do like to cook so I am going to start there and with the Random Bytes category, then see where it evolves. I envision it being a place where I post articles or comments that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

For this site I am not setting any minimun word count for a post; so, while it will have some lengthy articles, it will also contain quite a few short blog like posts. Now that I have it live and working, I hope to add a few posts each week. Some of those will be worth reading and I suspect some will not.

So be sure to bookmark the site and check back every now and then. If you really like what you read here, I would sincerely appreciate a link to the site. How to do that is over there to the left.

My newest articles or ravings are summarized below or you may pick a category to read from the selections on the left.

My Newest Articles are summarized here.

01-30-2013     in  Cooking for Singles
Save money and don't waste - Make Beef Pucks
It seems like the grocery stores are not willing to make a pre-packaged pack of ground beef that weights less than a pound and half or more. I do understand their reasoning. They have to cover the c.......Read More

01-10-2013     in  Memory Lane
An unwelcome chance for redemption
My Uncle Earl sorta hung the moon in the sky as far as I was concerned. He never married or had children so he tended to spoil an already spoiled child, me. .......Read More

01-08-2013     in  Cooking
Homemade Banana Custard Part 1
So what the heck is banana custard? Most people call it banana pudding. If it is made right it is custard. If the quick methods are used than pudding is the correct term. It is nothing more that va.......Read More

01-08-2013     in  Cooking
Homemade Banana Custard Part 2
Before I share the recipes I want to stress the term "ripe banana". Most of you have never seen a ripe one or you threw it away if you did. Ripe is when the skin is completely freckled with brown .......Read More

12-14-2012     in  Memory Lane
The first death
Let's time warp over to December of 1962. Every child has to learn about and how to deal with death. I fully intend for this article to 100% compatible in language and grammar for any 11 year old chi.......Read More

12-13-2012     in  Memory Lane
Where did all the jobs go
All of those things are to blame but there are two more critical things that killed jobs in the last 25 years of the 20th century. Come take a trip down memory lane with me and see if we can answer wh.......Read More

03-12-2012     in  Cooking
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Saint Paddy's Day is just around the corner and that means corned beef and cabbage time. Most all the supermarkets have the beef brisket and sale and all one need do is learn how to cook it. Learning.......Read More